Why LED Lights Are Better

When you turn on the television, computer, speakers (speaker), external hard disk drives, LCD projectors, and other electronic devices, a small light will illuminate as an indicator that the device is in the process of working. The lights that are generally colored red or yellow in the world a technique known as light emitting diode, or that we are familiar with the acronym every day as LED. Simply put, the LED is defined as one of the semiconductors that convert electrical energy into light. LED are a hardware and a solid (solid-state component) that excel in durability (durability). LEDs are widely used in electronic devices because the size is mini and practical, as well as relatively low power consumption. Age is very long, more than 30 thousand hours, increased this lead. Unfortunately, the ambient temperature is too high can cause electrical disturbances in the LED itself. In addition, the price per lumen (lumen) is higher making communities resort to regular lighting with incandescent or fluorescent.

Incandescent lamps (incandescent lamp) using a thin filament inside a glass ball that vacuum. An electric current flows and heats the filament. At very high temperatures, the light will glow on the filament. If the bulb is leaking and oxygen to touch the hot filament, a chemical reaction will occur so that the lamp is broken and cannot be used anymore. The incandescent bulb is still widely used, especially in small towns because the price is the cheapest among other lamp types, in particular, are made of gas. In the process of lighting, more than 90% of the energy produced in the form of infrared and heat. In addition, the age of only 1,000 hours of very short compared to other more efficient lighting like led light. That is why you need to change your light to the led light now so you would never have to worry about the effective illumination in your home because nowadays there are many led light that offered with affordable price.

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