Places to see in Wildwoods

Wildwoods is a white shore zone with boardwalk and numerous must watch sites. It is a land of fun-fills and a complete holiday entertainer. Morey’s Pier is a traditional amusement park with 100+ attractive rides and water parks. It is the perfect destination with kids having water slides, swing ropes into the large pools and carnival games. Splash Zone Water Park is also a similar kind of attraction with multiple slides and slow-moving water. The boardwalk also comprises special rides, shopping zones, and dining stalls. The historic famous Doo-wop architecture constructions like coffee shops and dining halls will give an exciting experience to visitors of all ages. Ocean Oasis is an entertaining water park along with beach club. Hereford Inlet Lighthouse is a symbol of their coastal heritage; both the state and national government has accepted it to be a historic site. Today it is a fully operating lighthouse and a museum to showcase the old age. Additionally, it has turned to be butterfly garden and gift shop for the tourist. Wildwood historical society is a museum with a compilation of vintage photos and history related items; boasting the heritage of olden times.

Seaport aquarium is an onboard family-friendly aquarium with a wide collection of fish and reptile varieties. Apart from on boardwalk attractions the tourist spot also involves parks all over the town. Fox Park is such an open space fun spot with a safe playground for kids. In addition to that, it is an appealing place for sports; it encompasses tennis court, baseball court and a museum as a dedication to doo-wop constructions. Gateway 26 is a buzzing stop for arcade games and gambling. Casino, blackjack, poker tables and other classic games are popular here. Captain Schumann’s Whale and Dolphin Watching is an exciting travel through sea experience. Throughout the travel, the Captain gives a commentary about the fishing industries located at the shore, local ecosystem and steers deeper into the ocean creating a chance for tourist to spot whales, dolphins and more marine organisms. George F. Boyer Museum consists of photographs, local antiques, and postcard collections. It also exhibits valuable information about the beach patrol, police and fire departments. A silver bullet is a speedy ocean ride from Wildwood Marina for a time period of ninety minutes. The speedboat ride is for adventure lovers with a chance to watch marine life.