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The common mistakes in B1 English Tests

Getting the UK visa is not as hard as getting the USA visa. However, it requires one particular test to get it. It’s the B1 English Test. Although it’s a speaking and listening test, it’s actually not as easy as it sounds. It’s true that your English skill is the first thing that will be evaluated by the examiner. However, there are so many people who’ve failed due to doing the common mistakes in B1 English test. Visit the britishlifeskills.com to book your exam now.

Here are the common mistakes in this test:

1. Not enough communication skill

Although it’s mainly evaluating your English skill, you have to be good in communicating with other people as well. That’s why you can also improve your communication skill by learning the tips for the job interviews.

2. Bad choice of attire and attitude

Your behavior and outfits will determine the examiner’s mood as well. If you’ve behaved impolitely and you’re choosing the informal attire, you might fail the test as well.

3. Bad grammar and spelling

No matter how good your English is, if your grammar is bad and your spelling skill isn’t good enough, your risk of failing the exam will be higher.