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Be careful when you post the photos of your new home on the social media

If you are looking to buy a house close to the New South Wales CBD, then Real Estate Agents Cardiff have the potential properties for you. It is a common thing if someone buys a new house and will like to post the photos of his or her new home to the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram. However, when you are going to do this, be aware. Why? It is because some random strangers stalk your social media account and then see the photos of your new home with bad intentions. In order to help you to prevent such a crime, we’d like to remind you to be careful when you are going to post the photos of your home.

Just to the close friends

Sharing your photos could increase the chance of being a crime victim in your own home. It’s recommended for you, if you’re posting the photos of your own home, it’d be better to just share them with your close friends or relatives.

Never give the details of your location

It is okay for you to share your location in the social media, however, it’d be the best for you to not share the exact details of your location. If you want to be safer, you could just give a description of your status just like this : “My Home Sweet Home”. This way, you could still share your home’s photos without having to be worry about the potential crimes.

Your own status while in the home

It is normal to share your status in the social media. However, it’d be the best for you to never mention that you are being alone in your house right now, or simply don’t post a picture that could indicate that you are alone. If a criminal notice this through your social media account, they will be tempted to targeting you due to your own status.

Never share the photo of your whole house

It is safer to just post the photos of certain rooms of your house. This way, it would be more difficult for a criminal to find your real location.